For nearly 40 years, HELIOS Group has been providing a unique and innovative expertise in the management, operation and maintenance of facilities in the water, building, recreational and industrial sectors. From facilities commissioning to day to day operations, we deliver customized solutions for your infrastructure management.

Our team of experts is dedicated to deliver state of the art services to our clients in order to meet their needs and requirements. Our staff is available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all our activities; our team concentrates its efforts on our client’s requirements and strives to exceed their expectations. Our management, operation and maintenance techniques are the most appropriate to meet our customers needs and requests; we guarantee your total satisfaction.

HELIOS Group promotes a healthy and safe environment for its employees and the subcontractors involved in its projects. We commit ourselves daily to meet and exceed our contractual objectives and maintain the continuity of services by integrating our teams to local communities; in this way we contribute to regional sustainable development.



For nearly 40 years, HELIOS Group has been developing a unique expertise that leads us to offer our specialized services to clients coming from different industries. We provide flexible services tailored depending on our clients needs and expectations at a competitive price, this is which allow us to maintain long-term partnerships.

HELIOS Group has developed a unique expertise in the following fields:


  • Procedures
  • Training programs
  • Contract management
  • Risk and mitigation analysis


  • Operations management
  • Operations 24/7
  • Performance guarantee
  • Multidisciplinary team


  • Project management
  • Technical assessment
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Construction management


  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • CMMS – Planning
  • Performance system optimization


Quality Assurance and continuous improvement are the basis of our processes. Our team is trained to maintain high quality standards in all their activities, this leads us to implement our quality processes homogenously in all our services.

Our processes comply with the highest quality standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS. Our quality control system is subject of certifications and internal audits that ensure quality of services and continuous improvement. The daily activities are implemented and controlled to comply with our quality processes which are standardized to all our activities.